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Posted on 4 June, 2020 at 9:55

As far as I can tell the problem with loading, and you seeing, photos seems to have been sorted.  So, oh dear  fan, here is a little bee bonus (on a Thursday). On Tuesday June 2nd the sun was shining in the garden and I got very good shots of a large bee with a white tail.

The beauty of taking photos is that you can have a good look afterwards instead of trying to identify the bee while she is buzzing around.

The white tail and yellow bands meant either Bombus lacorum (White-tailed Bumblebee) or Bombus hortorum (Garden Bumblebee).  The long 'horse-like' face and the extra band at the top of the abdomen mean a definite identification as B. hortorum - a Garden Bumblebee in the garden...

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