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Another identity crisis?

Posted on 1 December, 2015 at 0:50

My Birdguides text message told me there were Waxwings at Ashington.  They are always worth a photograph but the weather has been lousy and there seem to have been other things to do (including celebrating our wedding anniversary - 7 years without an "itch" as Julia puts it).  So I'm sitting at my PC, working on photos from Canada and school governor stuff, when I look out of the window towards my neighbour's tree smothered in large berries (or are they a type of crab apple?) and see 8 Woodpigeons descend and start to strip the fruit.  Were they pretending to be Waxwings for me as I couldn't get to Ashington?

And one also appears to be starting a juggling act... ...

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